SUSQUEHANNOCK Tribe of Florida

"Eagle - Wind - Otter ", Sweat lodge rituals
A spectacular experience. Don't miss it. In the North American mythology eagles are the guardians of dreaming and open up doorways to many different medicines. The wind is connected with the medicine of the four arrows and opens up visions. The otter leads us into the center of the medicine wheel of the eagle where we can find medicine.

"Bear & Wolf", Sweat lodge rituals
A spectacular experience. Don't miss it. Run with wolves and experience the strength of the bears. In the North American mythology wolves and bears play a special role and open up many ways of seeing.


The Blue Butterfly medicine lodge is a new lodge created by Chief Dancing Thunder in honour of his friend Long Standing Bear Chief a Blackfoot elder and teacher, who passed away in september 2010. The Butterfly societies and medicines are spread out over North America, Canada and Mexico and at one time were quite famous. The Blue Butterfly is the keeper of the knowledge of the second reality as well as transformation from material into spirit, as in most cultures around the world. This will be a painted lodge and we will be painted with the symbols of the Blue Butterfly using a sky blue color.

The way into the Butterfly medicine is through the Bear-Crow moon lodge which will be the lead in ceremonie for the first day. the Bear-Crow medicine has always been related to the Butterfly and the symbol of the Butterfly is also the symbol of the Bear Crow medicine. The transformation of Bear-Crow medicine into the Butterfly is through the energy of the moon.

The 3d day will be rounded of with the great Red Horse medicine lodge. Those of you who have the horse medicine are welcome to bring horse medicine sticks which are central in the Red Horse medicine lodge. The Red Horse medicine lodge is a painted lodge using the body paint colors of red and white.


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